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Altra Toin 6 Review

Torin 6

Do you walk around the house barefoot all the time too? It feels good, feels natural. That same feeling is what Altra tries to put in their shoes. They always have a 0mm heel-to-toe offset meaning you are standing in the shoe as you would be standing on a level floor. The goal; to keep you moving how we were suppose to move, since we were born. There is a lot of information out regarding low to zero heel drops and the benefit they have on your body. The Torin is one of their most popular and higher cushioned models. This new model is one I think people will continue to enjoy.

SUPPORT: Neutral
WEIGHT: 8.9oz women’s / 9.1oz men’s
USE: Road running, walking, max cushioning
SURFACE: Road, Gravel, Track

How to Find The Right Altra Shoe Fit | Running Warehouse

Preview by Scoob: I won’t dive too deep on the “what’s right”, but I will say that a lower heel drop shoe will make you land and move differently, and I tend to use them to my advantage when I have a tight feet, achilles, and calf. This is not to be confused with me feeling those are injured, I just feel the lower heel drop can stretch out the muscles along that chain a little better. Also, I have a midfoot strike, which helps me be able to run and enjoy many different shoes. A person who heel strikes might benefit from a higher heel drop shoe with more cushion in that heel for force absorption. It really depends what is right for you, so don’t listen to trends or your neighbor who is “such a great runner”.

The Altra Difference - Core 3

If the Shoe Fits: My wide rectangular foot feels right at home in an Altra shoe. The roomy foot-shape gives your feet more space to sit naturally. The upper of the foot and the heel still hug your feet making them feel secure and supported. I have hurt complains on the tongue bothering people or the toe box creasing/pinching but I had no irritation or notice of any flaw with the upper. They have more great colors too, I went with the grey and white because I think I want to make this one of my more casual everyday shoes that I’ll max out around 5 miles on a run, because they look fantastic clean in my opinion. The comfort level is so good, especially for standing all day at work.

Altra Torin 6 Men's White/Gray – Holabird Sports

Performance Review: I would feel hypocritical giving a full performance review of these because I really have only scratched the surface in them training-wise. One thing I have done plenty of though is lifting/general strength training in them. Bodyweight exercise and weight lifting feel awesome in this low drop shoe. There is quite a bit of cushion, so some super-serious lifters my stray away from using it, but I am not maxing out or anything so I don’t mind the cushion. Especially since I normally hop on the treadmill after a gym session for a couple miles. They felt great throughout. One thing I am being cautious of is trying to not be super tough on these. I have been tempted to try and play pickleball in them, but working in run specialty I know that Altras are notorious for having the outsole peel on the edge of the shoes. Some of their models have pretty loose and flexible uppers as well. This model of the Torin seemed to improve on that, making it feel like the most durable and locked in Torin yet. If you are looking for a do-it-all running shoe check out the Torin 6. Or if you maybe want one more gym oriented try the less cushion Escalante or Solstice XT.

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Previous Model: Altra Torin 5

Comparable to: Nike Pegasus, Saucony Ride, Mizuno Wave Sky, Asics gel nimbus, On Cloudflyer, Diadora Mythos Vortice, New Balance 880, Brooks Ghost


I am hopping on the Altra train and look to always keep a pair of Torins in my closet. The comfort and courtesy of the foot-shape is perfect for me, and most likely would be perfect for many of you!

Not certain if this shoe is right for you?

We understand!  There are a lot of options of footwear on the market and deciding what model is the right model for your needs is not easy.  We are here for you! You can come for a free gait analysis. No appointment is necessary, but if you would like to schedule an appointment, click here. We hope to hear from you soon!