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Altra Torin 5 Review

Posted by: Noah Stevenson


Designed with performance in mind, the Torin 5 is an elevated version of the Torin 4.5 Plush model with an enhanced midsole foam. Increased heel collar padding provides a more focused, locked-in fit and feel while the new Altra EGO™ MAX foam brings premium performance with a little extra bounce. The next generation of Torin is here.

SUPPORT: Neutral
WEIGHT: 8oz women’s / 9oz men’s
USE: Road Running, jogging, racing, walking, max cushioning
SURFACE: Road, Gravel, Track

Preview by Scoob: This shoe surprised me. Having never ran in an Altra before I had really low expectations. Even just after the second run this shoe already exceeded the expectations and made me apologize to it. Truly being made with human feet in mind this shoe was extremely comfortable and even performed at an admirable level as well.

If the Shoe Fits:

As I slipped my foot into the Torin 5 I quickly realized the wider toe box/foot bed. “That’s pretty nice,” I thought as I stood up and began to walk around in them. I them noticed the high amount of cushion under my foot. It was sloppy or loose as I kind of moved and wiggled around. The tongue was nice and thin and the upper felt really breathable. Also need to mention how light the shoe was. With all that room, very little weight, and all that cushion, my feet were loving it. I do think this feeling can be attributed to the more durable and responsive foam, EGO MAX, as well as the thinner material upgrade. So, the shoes felt good. But, I was wondering how they would perform.

Performance Review:

My first several runs in the Torin 5 I only did a couple miles at the end of my runs with other shoes. This was because I was weary of the 0 mm heel drop that is a lock with Altra. After a few of those I stayed around 5-7 miles, some of which were my second run of the day, in 90+ degree temperatures. I was somewhat blown away by how good these shoes felt, not only dealing with the heat and foot sweat but also by how quick I felt. Whether it was the lower heel drop or the wider foot bed I felt springy and froggy and was able to get down into the low 6 minute/mile range when I had no business doing so, but it felt good. The shoes held up really well too, secure midfoot and heel, and plenty of soft but responsive cushion.

With that zero heel drop and wider toe box I found it to be very comfortable and adequate in the weight room as well. I haven’t done any longer runs because I just am too weary of that 0mm heel drop. But for any regular Altra users, or someone who maybe likes a lower heel drop frequently, I bet this shoe is like the wind at the top of the Konza Prairie, just blowing you away .

Previous Model: Torin 4.5

Comparable to: Brooks GhostHoka Clifton, New Balance 1080On CloudflowAltra EscalanteSaucony Triumph.


This shoe proved my assumptions wrong. I did enjoy running in it and I think it is an extremely quality shoe that you can find a lot of comfort and quality performance. You have to consider the 0 mm heel drop, which you might find you like a little less force from pounding going to your knees, great if you supplement some weight training with your running. Some major plusses I found were the cushion, the wide toe box, and the breathability of the shoe.