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ON CloudSurfer Trail Review

SUPPORT: Neutral


WEIGHT: 10.5oz Men’s 8.5 / 7.9 oz Women’s 7

USE: Non-technical trail running, gravel running, road running, walking 

SURFACE: Road, Gravel, Light Trails 



Things I like about the On Cloudsurfer Trail: I personally have enjoyed running in the Cloudsurfer Trail it is very smooth and very comfortable, something I don’t find in all the trail shoes we carry. It has been living up to its expectations as a road to trail shoe, it performs  well on roads, but falls short of other shoes built for more technical accents, descents, and uneven terrain. Where the shoe excels is in between those two extremes. Gravel roads, well groomed trails. Plenty of grip for more mild terrain, such as loose dirt, gravel, grass. And a soft and smooth ride that makes casually paced gravel miles fly by.



Things I don’t like about the On Cloudsurfer Trail: Over the course of the shoes testing period I have noticed the Helion midsole material lose some of the initial smooth feel in the forefoot which does make me question the longevity of the shoe. Another concern I have to bring up is the instability of the shoe, especially when compared to many other trail shoes on the market. Though it has plenty of cushioning for longer training runs, if you struggle with quickly fatiguing stabilizing muscles, these shoes will not offer the support other shoes on the market offer. The cut outs in the midsole give the shoe a unique design and smooth feel, but I do think they negatively affect the longevity of the shoe and the ability to dissipate the energy generated on steep terrain. It is so much soft midsole material without a rock plate or enough width the shoe just feels a little unstable to me.


Conclusion: I think this is a great shoe for someone just getting into trail running, it’s comfy for road running and has enough ability on the trails to justify not getting a dedicated trail shoe. It fits well, is good looking, and could be used for everyday applications. It is a fun shoe to run in, especially on roads and smooth trails, but lacks the stability of a trail shoe, even more so on technical terrain.

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