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The Best Running Media’s You Can Consume

Posted by: Noah Stevenson


Ever wonder why running doesn’t really get covered on ESPN or sports networks? Yeah, me too. I suppose there isn’t that many people asking that question and with that comes the answer. For the few of you who maybe want to get a boost in your running fix, I’ll give you some great podcasts and newsletters, and great follows on Twitter and Instagram.


If you don’t like hearing yourself breathing when you run and don’t want to have to DJ your whole run, podcasts could be the solution for you. The good thing about podcasts is they are typically lengthy and can cover more than one topic to hold your attention for the duration of your run. A good thing is that there are actually many running podcasts. I’ll include and describe my favorite ones right now.

2 Black Runners Podcast's Joshua & Aaron Potts On Bringing More Representation + Energy To Track and Field Media's Next Gen by CITIUS MAG Podcast with Chris ChavezCITIUS MAG podcast with Chris Chavez

Chris releases a weekly podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify where he interviews stars of track and field, anyone from coaches to writers, to olympians. His group also does a great job of assisting in live coverage at track meets. I really like the CITIUS MAG podcast because he asks really personal questions with really good depth and breadth while also being in a laid back tone and setting. He is always up to date on the current events and can always get the biggest names in the sport on around critical times. You can listen to his most recent podcast with 38 year-old New Zealander Olympian Nick Willis on their website here, or on apple podcast or spotify.


2 Black Runners2 Black Runners on RadioPublic

Aaron & Joshua Potts post every Tuesday for the most recent running news, insightful interviews, their perspective of the running world as 2 Black Runners, and much more. In a sport where much of the media is somewhat whitewashed, they are able to get relevant guests and travel to big events and take pride in producing “for the culture”. Available on AppleSpotify, and YouTube.


COFFEE CLUB – Podcast – PodtailCoffee Club

One of the newest Podcasts hosted by Morgan McDonald, Ollie Hoare, and Geordie Beamish. Besides the pleasant accents they all have, they are all really goofy and give insight into what the collegiate and post collegiate running life is like. They are all on the newest running team, ON Athletic Club, which is receiving a lot of buzz and has been performing really well. Links to Apple. Would do the links to spotify but there are a lot of podcasts named coffee club and I’m lazy at the moment. They are on YouTube where you can also see Ollie Hoare’s bulldog named Gus.


Convos Over Cold BrewConvos Over Cold Brew with Emma Abrahamson (podcast) - Emma Abrahamson | Listen Notes

Emma Abrahamson is a cold brew fanatic with a collegiate background in running, who shares her life on her YouTube channel and Instagram. New Episodes every week with conversations with her friends about anything from relationships, social media, food and running. She can give a female perspective and agenda that is probably hard to come by otherwise. She is on SpotifyApple, and YouTube. - The Official Beer Mile ResourceBeer Mile Podcast

PG-13 podcast hosted by Beer Mile American Record holder, Chris Robertson, and his co-host Adam Shurson. They super casually interview guests while drinking beers. The convos can get pretty goofy and it’s cool to see and hear pro runners be more relaxed than if they were in a recording room and sober. Links to AppleSpotify, and YouTube. My favorite episode is with Craig Engels and Eric Jenkins. Track's Track Talk (podcast) - | Listen Notes’s weekly podcast where we go behind the scenes of the professional running, marathoning, and track and field world. It is very professionally done and features some hard hitting questions and debates surrounding the current events of the sport. Can be some biased takes though so beware. Apple podcast here, Spotify here, and their website here.


The Athlete Platform

One of my personal friends has started a podcast in New Zealand. Aaron Booth, New Zealand Decathlete, is starting a community where he has chats with NZ and international athletes to help promote their personal brand and share their stories, educate athletes and coaches, and discuss topics that you want to hear and see changes to within sport. I think it’s really cool that I know Aaron and that podcasts like this are becoming more frequent. You can listen on Apple here, Spotify here, and watch on YouTube here. He also is on Instagram and Facebook.


The Lap Count (@TheLapCount) | TwitterThe Lap Count

One of the only things I tell people they need to subscribe to. Kyle Merber, former college standout and Relay World Record Holder for the USA, writes a weekly newsletter outlining everything in the past week from distance runner proposals to course records in Europe. It truly is one of the way I stay most plugged in with the sport that has very little outlets in comparison to football. You can sign up here. There is also a paid subscription for another weekly newsletter called ‘The Victory Lap’ where Mac Fleet, also former standout division 2 college runner, interviews some big names and some not so big names in the sport. The money made form this goes towards funding the athletes lifestyle and helps them financially to reach their goals. Pretty sweet!


About Us | Read Our Story - Ultraverse Supplements

Ultraverse Supplements

So much value in this newsletter subscription. Ultraverse is an Ultrarunning/ Endurance supplement company out of Hays, KS. Their newsletter featured nutrition and diet tips for endurance running as well as everything ese you’d need to know to prepare for one. They also send promotion sales and events. You can sign up for it at the bottom of here. Also you can use ‘Noah10‘ at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

Would love to hear some more newsletters that are running related!


Twitter and Instagram Follows

Jonathan Gault:

Jonathan is a staff writer for LetsRun and he is super plugged into the sport. He has great coverage in twitter, where a lot of races fail. Follow his Twitter: here

Kyle Merber:

I mentioned Kyle earlier, he is #GoodForTheSport, covering every aspect of track, cross country, and road racing. He is a good follow in Twitter as well as Instagram.

Morgan Pearson:

I sometimes get in a power trip with my training, labeling myself as a ‘maniac’. But then I am quickly humbled by Morgan Pearson. He is a USA triathlete and olympic medalist, also a former distance runner at Colorado as well. He is a great and active follow on TwitterInstagram, and now even YouTube since he started posting his workouts… they are humbling.

Sweat Elite

If you love watching people workout like I do you will love this YouTube channel. The group typically works with and records athletes training in Boulder, Colorado or Flagstaff, Arizona, the two distance running training hubs for elite groups and athletes. They post great content frequently so I would say its worth hitting the subscribe button on their YouTube.

Chris Chavez

Once again already mentioned Chris, but he is doing a lot of #GoodForTheSport. He will also post great coverage of meets and well links to his interviews with athletes. Twitter is here, Instagram is here. He is also an aspiring sub 5-minute miler like many.

Nick Willis

Retired(I think) New Zealand miler now works for TrackSmith in a lot of their athlete social relations. He is very active on Twitter reposting results and if I had to bet he’ll get into the interview game as well. He also provides great insight and some comedy with the sport. Twitter link here.

Stephen Haas

“Haasruns” is an agent and coach for track athletes. So while he is at their practice he frequently records and takes awesome pictures for instagram. He is a real cool personality that is plugged in all around the sport. Instagram here.


10 weeks to stronger running was a strength training program started by Samantha Shearman. They have strength training exercises and programs specifically for distance runners. They have an app but also have great information on instagram regarding nutrition and exercises. Instagram right here.


This is another account that posts great content with exercises, stretches, and information for injury prevention, increasing flexibility and mobility, and efficiency. Really great source of complementary things to add to your current routines. Instagram found here.

The Orange Runnerhttps:

TheOrangeRunner is the instagram and twitter of Luke McCambley. He is an artist and athlete who has been doing a signature comic series of a runner wearing orange having relatable thoughts or dialogue with another runner. You can even order prints of them to support him, and sign up for a training log email and view his comics and blogs here.

Hopefully these are at least a few sources of track/running media that you didn’t know of before. I think it can help the sport if more people are actively plugged in.