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The Best Sunglasses For: Runners

The Best Sunglasses For Runners: What Does Manhattan Running Co. Think?

When it comes to running, every accessory counts, from your shoes to your sunglasses. The right pair can protect your eyes from the sun, improve your visibility, and even enhance your performance. Today, we're comparing three popular brands among runners: Goodr, Tifosi, and Knockaround. Each offers unique features tailored to runners, but which one is the best fit for your running needs? Let's dive in.


  • Goodr: No Slip, No Bounce, All Fun

Goodr sunglasses have quickly become a favorite among runners for their functionality and vibrant style. One of the biggest selling points is their ‘no slip, no bounce’ design, which means they stay firmly in place, no matter how rigorous your run. Made with a lightweight frame and polarized lenses, Goodr sunglasses not only offer protection against UV400 but also reduce glare, allowing you to run comfortably even in bright conditions. Plus, their affordability makes them accessible for runners at all levels.

  • Tifosi: Technically Advanced with Customizable Options

Tifosi sunglasses are renowned for their technical enhancements and customizable features. These sunglasses are designed with the serious athlete in mind, featuring adjustable nose pieces and arms for a perfectly secure fit. The lenses are not only shatterproof but also come with various tints that manage different lighting conditions, enhancing contrast and depth perception during runs. For runners who need prescription lenses, Tifosi offers a range of compatible options, ensuring everyone has access to high-quality protective eyewear.

  • Knockaround: Durable, Stylish, and Economical

Knockaround sunglasses offer a great balance of durability, style, and value. These sunglasses are designed to endure the toughest of conditions, with a robust frame and impact-resistant lenses. While they may not have as many technical features as Tifosi or the specialized design of Goodr, Knockaround sunglasses still provide full UV400 protection and polarized lenses. They come in a wide range of fun colors and designs, making them a popular choice for runners looking to add some flair to their running gear.

Which Should You Choose?

Choosing the right sunglasses depends largely on your specific needs and preferences:

- If you prioritize comfort and stability, Goodr is an excellent choice with their secure fit and light frames, perfect for long-distance runners who don’t want to be distracted by shifting eyewear.


- If you're looking for technical features and customization, Tifosi stands out with its adjustable components and a wide range of lens options, ideal for runners who run in varying light conditions or who require prescription lenses.


- If you want style and affordability, Knockaround provides a sturdy, cost-effective option with plenty of stylish choices to suit any personality.


No matter which brand you choose, each offers unique benefits that can enhance your running experience. You can find all three brands at Manhattan Running Company, where we help runners select the best gear for their needs. Stop by to try them out and find your perfect match to keep your eyes protected and your runs comfortable in any condition. Happy running!