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What Makes Us "Run Specialty"

Why Choose Running Specialty Stores Over Big Box Retailers

When it comes to running gear, where you shop can make as big a difference as what you buy. For dedicated runners, visiting a specialty store like Manhattan Running Company isn't just about buying shoes; it's about stepping into a hub of community and expertise. Here's why choosing a specialty running store over big box retailers like Academy Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods can significantly enhance your running experience.


Expertise and Personalized Service

The most striking difference between specialty running stores and big box stores is the level of expertise and personalized service. At Manhattan Running Company, our staff are not just salespeople; they are runners themselves. They understand the nuances of running mechanics and are trained to analyze your gait and running style. This personalized analysis ensures that you walk out with not just any shoe, but the right shoe for your feet, running style, and goals.


High-Quality, Curated Selection

While big box stores offer a wide range of sporting goods, their focus isn't solely on running, which can mean a broader but less specialized selection. At Manhattan Running Company, our products are curated based on quality, performance, and customer feedback. We stock the latest and most advanced running shoes, apparel, and accessories. Our selection is guided by both the latest trends in the running community and our own rigorous standards.


Community and Support

Running specialty stores are often a local hub for runners. Manhattan Running Company hosts regular events such as local runs, training groups, and educational sessions on nutrition and injury prevention. This sense of community is something that big box stores typically cannot offer. The relationships you build and the advice you gain go a long way in supporting your journey as a runner, providing not just gear but encouragement and motivation.


After-Sales Support

Our commitment to your running success doesn't end at the checkout. Specialty running stores like Manhattan Running Company offer excellent after-sales support. Whether it's dealing with concerns about a product or needing advice on how to improve your training, our team is available to assist. In contrast, big box stores, with their broader focus and higher customer turnover, may not provide the same level of after-sale service and care.


Supporting Local Business

Shopping at Manhattan Running Company means you are supporting a local business. This not only boosts the local economy but also contributes to the livelihood of running experts who share your passion. Local businesses are known to invest more in community activities and have a better understanding of their customers' needs.


We Like You

While big box stores might be sufficient for casual sports enthusiasts, dedicated runners can benefit greatly from the specialized services offered by running specialty stores. Manhattan Running Company offers the expertise, personalized service, high-quality selection, community involvement, and after-sales support that big box stores simply can't match. When you shop with us, you're not just buying a pair of shoes, you're becoming part of a community that will help you run better, faster, and with more enjoyment.