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12 Most Important Things to Know Before Race Day

Uh oh, New Year's already? Wow.

If you are like a majority of the nation, your new years resolution might've taken a seat on the back burner. Maybe next year we can do better. As you get closer to thinking of new goals for the new year we wanted to help you get a head start if those goals have anything to do with running or more specifically racing. We made it easy for you, with the top 12 things we think you need to have before race day. As the saying goes, "failure to prepare is preparing to fail." We want to help you prepare to succeed by saying that YOU NEED TO HAVE...

  1. A set race date and training schedule
  2. The right training shoe
  3. The right sock
      • What sock is best for you ?
      • Performance materials are blister resistant!
  4. The right racing shoe
      • Makes your race days so much better 
      • 100% worth the investment
  5. The right fuel for you
      • Not all fuels created equal: carbs and electrolytes help sustain, protein helps muscles recover.
      • Make sure you are getting enough calories during training!
      • Your body might not agree with everything... GI distress
  6. The correct amount of clothing
      • What’s the weather going to be like? Best to warm up as you go, and not start warm and overheat halfway through.
      • The wind chill can be brutal! Invest in something windproof
  7. The right hydration for you
      • Put back in, what you sweat out!
  8. The right water bottle for you
      • Many different options to make sure you are staying hydrated
  9. Body glide...Chafing is the worst!
      • Thighs, armpits, and nipples!
  10. Multiple running routes and running partners
  11. Your race bib on correctly
      • Either pinned to the front of your shirt, or we have bib belts.
  12. Your final raceday pack ready the night before.
    1. Shoes
    2. Socks
    3. Bib
    4. Race outfit
    5. Warmups
    6. Hydration
    7. Fuel
    8. Your fans

You're all set for race day! We were blown away from the turnout for this years Turkey Trot. We hope that is a sign for more to come in 2022! For any questions on upcoming races or for overall training, feel free to stop by the store any time!